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The Perfect renovation of the House and the Required Options

Renovate your house, it cannot be improvised. The energy challenges of renovation are enormous. There are questions to ask yourself to make the right choices and prepare your site.

  1. Study the situation of the house

Before buying a house or apartment to renovate, there is a series of questions to ask you. It is even advisable to visit with a professional. This allows to better know the good and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The localization

Is access and parking easy on a daily basis? And for the work? What means of transportation will be adequate now and in the future? You will get the finest Home Improvement Tools there or online now.

The orientation

How is the building oriented? Ideally, the living rooms (living room, dining room) are in the south to enjoy the warmth of the sun. The rooms can be located on the north side because they are heated less. We also look at whether shading (trees, buildings, walls) can prevent the sun from entering the house.


Are there particular urbanity constraints in the neighborhood or in the municipality? (Example: imposed materials or overhang of roof) Are there easements? Constraints related to joint ownership? Are there any particular renovation aids, especially energy?

The state of the building

In what state are the roof, heating system, electrical installation, toilets, and windows? What are the load-bearing walls? What are the current heating needs of the building? The mandatory PEB certificate gives an estimate of annual heating requirements.

  1. Specify a maximum budget

Own funds.It is prudent not to devote 100% of your savings to the purchase and works. How much of the savings can be attributed to it? Are there other important expenses to be expected in the coming years?

It is the sum of own funds for the building site and the borrowing capacity that determines the maximum renovation budget. There is also a margin of safety.

  1. Draw living spaces

What living spaces are needed (rooms, office, etc.) now and in the future? Where to situate them ideally? Will it be necessary to cut down walls or create new partitions? Is circulation in the house easy? Do the windows provide the necessary light? We will take the time to draw sketches on the scale of each floor.

  1. Isolate is the moment or never

The renovation work is a unique opportunity to optimize the insulation of the house. The heavier the renovation, the lower the proportion of costs related to insulation. As ambitious as it is, it will quickly be amortized.