Fine Options for the Perfect Cleaning For You

The dishwasher is there to clean your kitchen utensils, but this fine device needs to be refreshed from time to time. If you do not do this, there is a chance that your dishes will become less and less clean or that your glasses will smell. Remove the filter from the dishwasher and wash it with a washing-up brush and some love in warm soapy water. Then you let the dishwasher (with filter) run once with a special dishwasher cleaner. Do not you have this in house? Then a slice of lemon also works.Your dishwasher will last longer if you give it a cleaning in time

Mirror, mirror on the wall

From toothpaste spots to greasy fingers: the mirrors usually have to endure one thing and another. Clean them regularly, because when the mirrors in your house are done, this immediately gives a fresher look. You clean your mirrors easily with a wet cloth with detergent, but the secret is in drying after cleaning. You just do this with a piece of kitchen paper, an old newspaper or a potato. You can opt for the good at home cleaning services now.


Fat against fat in the kitchen

In the kitchen is lived, cooked and eaten. No wonder this place requires a regular cleaning. A stainless steel cooker or extractor hood quickly becomes greasy and cannot be skipped. You can surprisingly remove grease on stainless steel with grease. For the cleaning of stainless steel parts, use a paper towel with a splash of salad oil or even olive oil and polish everything again.

Clean sleeper

Of course you change your bed regularly, but paying extra attention to the place where you spend eight hours a night is never wrong. Do not just have your blankets, quilt and pillows, but also put your mattress. Sprinkle your mattress with Biota or baking soda and leave it for a few hours. Then vacuum your mattress and you can sleep wonderfully clean that night.A little extra attention for the place where you spend eight hours a night can never hurt

Just knock off

(Floor) rugs, pillows and mats are places where dust is only too happy to collect and then spread again when you walk, lie or sit on it. Collect all the textiles in the house that can collect dust and take it one by one with an old-fashioned mat knocker. If you do this regularly, you will see that your house is dusty much less quickly.

Do you have (floor) rugs, pillows and mats in the house? Then it’s time for a workout with the carpet beater

Look up

Secretly you know it: on those high cabinets and edges there is a considerable layer of dirt. Because these places are not at eye level, they are often not a priority. Nevertheless, it is good to look up once in a while.

Tip: Always work from top to bottom. So start on a household ladder and clean the higher spots with a microfiber cloth and then with a lukewarm soapy water. You dissolve the loose dust with the vacuum cleaner later on.

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